Repair What’s Up Top!

Get roofing repairs in Overland Park, Gladstone & Kansas City, MO

Has a storm recently blown through your neighborhood? Are you missing shingles as a result? Did a falling tree damage the top of your commercial building?

Sunrise Exteriors and our professional roofers can quickly and efficiently repair your roofing to its topmost condition. We’re the family-owned company that your neighbors already trust for their roofing contracting services in Overland Park, Gladstone and Kansas City, Missouri. Call us at 816-223-6524 to learn more about your options today!

Subheadline: 3 reasons to get your roof repaired ASAP

1. Appearance. You don’t want to reside in the eyesore of the neighborhood, do you? If your roof has been damaged, don’t let it linger unattractively.

2. Additional shingle damage. When shingles have been bent or warped – or if they’re missing entirely – it’s easy for the wind to get underneath them and tear off additional shingles. Don’t let a small problem become a big one – get your roofing fixed today!

3. Structural damage. Exposed decking or roofing underlayment can lead to mold, mildew and structural rot. Yikes! Better get your Kansas City roofing repaired quickly with Sunrise Exteriors.

Call us at 816-223-6524 today to discuss your roofing options with Sunrise Exteriors!