Get Reliable Coverage in Gladstone & Kansas City, MO

Get Reliable Coverage in Gladstone & Kansas City, MO

Sunrise Exteriors can complete your roofing design

Need roof repairs or installation for your home or business? Hire Sunrise Exteriors for all your roof installation needs! We provide dependable metal, wood, tile and slate roofing services. Does your property need a new roof? We’d be more than happy to install one for you.

Contact our office in Overland Park, Gladstone and Kansas City, MO to learn more about our professional roofers and roofing services.

Not sure which type of roof best suits your needs?

Consider the benefits of each type of roofing material we offer:

Metal roofing – Metal is resistant to fire, mildew, insects and rot.
Wood roofing – This roofing material has a 30 to 50-year lifespan, is easy to repair and requires minimal additional insulation.
Tile roofing – Tile is easily customizable, environmentally friendly and easy to maintain and repair.
Slate roofing – Choose slate for a roofing material that’s beautiful, durable, fireproof and environmentally friendly.

Once you’ve made your decision, reach out to our team of licensed professional roofers to have them install the type of roof that's best for your home or business