Tired of pushy salespeople?

Tired of pushy salespeople?

When you contact Sunrise Exteriors, you'll deal directly with our owners. There’s no pressure involved – only honest, helpful roofing contractors and professional roofers in Kansas City & Gladstone, MO.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

You shouldn’t just tolerate your new roof in Kansas City & Gladstone, MO – you should love it. If, for some reason, our team doesn’t give you the roof you want, we’ll keep coming back until it’s right.

Right at Home in Overland Park and the Kansas City or Gladstone, Missouri area

Right at Home in Overland Park and the Kansas City or Gladstone, Missouri area

When we come to your home, we understand that we’re guests. We’ll treat you and your family with professionalism and leave our work site cleaner than we found it.

In-House Financing Available

In-House Financing Available

Unpredictable events can throw a wrench into your finances. Don’t let money issues keep you from having a structurally sound roof in Kansas City & Gladstone, MO. We’ll give you 18 months with no interest when you call today.

Checked Out?

Checked Out?

For those of you who are done with checks and don’t carry cash, Sunrise Exteriors in Kansas City & Gladstone, MO accepts all major credit cards.

Your Home Is a Reflection of You

Make sure you’re giving the right impression

At Sunrise Exteriors in Kansas City & Gladstone MO, troubleshooting roof damages, roof repairs and roof replacements is second nature. Don’t put off your residential or commercial roofing work. You may have a designer interior, but if your exterior is a shambles, your neighbors could reach the wrong conclusions. All it takes is one phone call to get a roof that you’re proud of.

Sunrise Exteriors is operated by a father-son team in Overland Park, Gladstone and the Kansas City, MO area. Rick (the dad) spent 30 years in insurance before realizing he was cut out for different work. Providing top quality roofing services is his passion. He wants to help as many people in Overland Park, Gladstone and the Kansas City, MO region as possible, which is why he also employs a bilingual product installation manager.

Insurance Professional with 30+ Years of Experience in the Kansas City & Gladstone, MO area!

Call Us Today!

We have expertise in dealing with insurance companies nation wide and have our roofing staff and professional roofers make filing claims easy and quick!

Does your home have character – in a bad way?

Vintage homes are market gold, but there’s a difference between vintage and falling apart. You know your roof is damaged, but you’re not sure which contractor to hire. You’re tired of constant roof repairs, but replacing the whole thing seems too much to even consider – you’ll get around to it eventually.

Licensed in both Kansas and Missouri and serving Johnson County, Leewood, Overland Park, Gladstone and many more areas, Sunrise Exteriors can swiftly give you a free estimate and begin building you a better roof for your home or business!

Common roof problems in Overland Park, Gladstone and the Kansas City, MO area

You may require roofing services if you’ve experienced:

• Leaks
• Heavy rainfall
• Strong winds
• Drafts
• Hail damage
• Loose shingles/tiles/gutters

Sunrise Exteriors has a solution for your worst roof nightmares. If you don’t have a roof problem right now, make sure you don’t develop one by calling our professional roofers today for your free estimate.

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